BBA, University of Iowa, IA

JD, University of Notre Dame, IN

MAPP, University of Pennsylvania, PA


Chicago, IL


Chicago, IL

Professional Experience

Bill works for one of the largest (Re)insurance companies in the world with over $30 Billion in revenues annually and 10,000+ Employees all over the world. His team is responsible for marketing and underwriting all through the United States and Canada.

My Story

As a student I read all I could on “success”, from Tony Robbins to the Dalai Lama and everything in between.

While reading Authentic Happiness, I had an epiphany: I realized my quest to learn how to be successful, and what actions and attributes lead to success, was misguided.  All of the “success” reading I had done was not really trying to learn about success. I had equated success to money, possessions, position, and power.  However, when I analyzed and deeply thought about what I was truly searching for, it was not the keys to success and the superficial things mentioned above, but rather the keys to happiness. This breakthrough was life changing, but instead of being sated by my realization, I was left asking many new, different questions. Why are some people happier than others?  What environmental factors affect happiness?  What role do individual circumstances play and what specific actions can we as individuals undertake to improve our level of happiness?  This led me to formally study, teach and practice the tools learned from Positive Psychology.

Words of Wisdom

“In the end the great truth will never be learned: that the quest is greater than what is sought, the effort finer than the prize (or, rather that the effort is the prize), the victory cheap and hollow were it not for the right of the game.”
-Us Supreme Court Justice Benjamin Cardozo

My Morning Ritual

I travel a lot so everyday is a little different. I try to get in some exercise everyday and plenty of interaction with my family at home (text, calls, Snapchat with my girls, etc.).

A Little Known Fact About Me

I love Blues Music.

“Bill is a wonderful teacher and wonderful soul!  I am constantly sharing with people the learning and the growth I’m gaining. I’m so blessed to learn from him and be a part of the beautiful community.

– Daisy Mertzel

“The content of the certificate program was amazing! The training included the perfect mix of learning, discussion, and activities that were engaging and fun. Our instructor, Bill Fair, was very knowledgeable, kind, patient, funny and humble. He managed the class time very well, which was amazing since we were a very talkative group! We had a small cohort made up of the most fabulously generous and kind women. We really bonded and developed deep—and hopefully lasting—relationships. Emiliya’s generous spirit and enthusiasm is so contagious and inspiring and Jean Poling is a total sweetheart! Bill Fair is amazing and my classmates are all talented and inspiring women. Every single person I met through the program has left a lasting POSITIVE impression on my life and I’m so very grateful to have had this experience. I’m so happy I was a part of this program and I look forward to sharing what I have learned about positive psychology. I want to stay connected with my CAPP Family and will be expanding the circle by bringing others into this great experience. Thank you so much! “

Jean-Marie Kermeen​, CPC

Positive Psychology Practitioner