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Alison Rakotonirina
Career Coach, Life Coach, Speaker


Accepting both in-person and virtual clients

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Flourishing Center Programs I’ve Completed:

What I do:

I help you to define and embrace a professional narrative and direction that connects you to your purpose and allows you to live life with more joy and less stress.

Who I do it for:

Focusing on women and indivduals underrepresented and under-supported in corporate culture and mainstream business, I will work with you to grow your confidence, craft your job to better fit your life.

I love working with women who are moms or might someday want to be; being a mom should not preclude you from following any one career path, particularly if it is your passion! I believe you can have your career, be a mom, be a wife, be a partner and still take care of yourself. In fact, sometimes building our career and professional identity as women is founded on building both our professional life and our family life side by side.

I am also passionate about working with individuals from under-represented communities, be that in the USA or any where in the world. Working from Madagascar and with experience living across diverse cultures, language groups and countries, I am able to support my clients with an awareness and open-ness that is not always evident or available.

Who I work with best:

Adults, Middle age (36-55), Women, Employees:

My Story

Long fascinated by what drives humans motivation and success, I remember as early as kindergarten, observing my classmates. At the age of ten, I read a book 'on lost civilizations' which led me to wonder, how and why do humans create systems and cultures? What do humans need to innovate and discover? How can a civilization just up and disappear? I went to university with these questions in mind. Studying anthropology, I took courses in religion and psychology, meditated at a Buddhist temple, and traveled the world. In 2013 I quit my job as the ED an international NGO without any idea what I'd do next. A series of events led me to resume writing. Taken in by the power of an authentic professional narrative, resume writing led to career coaching, and a deep dive into applied positive psychology. Today, my career and life coaching build upon the wisdom of experience and the evidenced-based outcomes of applied positive psychology to support and partner with my clients.

I am fluent in the following languages: French