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12-Hour Gratitude Marathon - World Gratitude Day

21sep8:00 am8:00 pm12-Hour Gratitude Marathon - World Gratitude DayLearn about Positive Psychology Certification Program

Event Details

Get Ready for the Gratitude Day Marathon!

In honor of World Gratitude Day, The Flourishing Center invites you to join us for the Gratitude Day Marathon, a day-long celebration of appreciation and thanks. Our gratitude gurus are warming up to bring you 24 different ways to experience gratitude – live – with joyful people from all over the world.

Gratitude is a gift you can give every day! It’s a core tenet of human flourishing and is scientifically proven to promote happiness, boost positive emotions, enhance wellbeing, and build better relationships.

The Gratitude Day Marathon brings these concepts – and so much more – to you through 24 different workshops facilitated by graduates of TFC Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) Program.


We’re off and running at 8:00am ET and will have a new experience starting EVERY 30 MINUTES. Log on at any time. Stay for as many sessions as you’d like.

We’ll cross the finish line at 8:00pm ET.

(Don’t want to miss any? You can also purchase the recording of all 24 sessions for $33 after you register.)


🎙️Interviews with leading gratitude experts

📝 Guided activities and exercises

📖 Transformational stories demonstrating the power of gratitude

🤸🏼‍♂️ Somatic experiences to embody gratitude

🎶 Music, movement and expression

🎨 Crafts to create gratitude

🏫 Education and training in the what, why and how of gratitude

💻 Research studies on the nuances and best practices of gratitude

⚙️ Measurement tools and so much more…

Each session runs 25 minutes before the next one begins.

* * * Log on on-the-hour, or on-the-1/2-hour * * *

Register for the event and join anytime throughout the day – or run to the full course 🏃🏼 The Gratitude Day Marathon is free for everyone and open to all!

Register now and tell a friend! And, as a special offer for early registration, the Gratitude Day Marathon Package of all 24 sessions + bonus content, which includes The Science of Gratitude Webinar, Slides, Worksheets, and more will be available to all registrants for just $33 if you purchase before the event. (Price goes up to $74 on the day of.)

Don’t miss out to experience gratitude as you’ve never known it before!

Register now and prepare for the Gratitude Day Marathon.

We can’t wait to gratefully welcome you to this special TFC event.

Detailed Schedule:

  • 8am Kelly Miller Pairing Strengths: Gratitude And Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence
  • 8:30am Szilvia Hock-Kovacs The Gratitude Gradient: From Daily Joys to Profound Thanks
  • 9am Rick & Teresa Starr Using Gratitude to Enhance Relationships
  • 9:30am Sally Wolf Crafting Your Story Through a Grateful Lens
  • 10am Amber Lee-Forrester Teaching Teachers to Teach Thanks & School Wide Transformation
  • 10:30am Dan Trommater Photo Gratitude: Transforming How You Feel By Focusing What You See
  • 11am Mary Kate Schutt Research Review: Why don’t we express gratitude more often?
  • 11:30am Yumiko Yokochi Ordal Growing Grateful Kids: An Interview of Giacomo Bono
  • 12pm Jody Miller Gratitude As a Way of Life
  • 12:30pm Ariel Hennig Wood Putting Gratitude to Work AT Work
  • 1pm Nina Sherak Ramping & Amping Up Appreciation: How to Turn Up the Volume
  • 1:30pm Si Norton Growing Grateful Roots: Evoking Through Nature
  • 2pm Laurie Butson Grateful Glimmers: The Antidote to Triggers
  • 2:30pm Caitlyn Casson Embodied Awe: Finding Yourself Physically Fit and Fascinating
  • 3pm Lisa Rector A Grateful Month Ahead: Daily Calendar Cues
  • 3:30pm Greg Hedler Grounding Grief with Gratitude
  • 4pm Leif Hansen Novelty Through Play: Preventing Adaptation to Appreciation
  • 4:30pm Niyati Pandya Thankful Plates: Transforming Meal Times
  • 5pm Dushan Bosotov Unpacking the Neurological and Biological Magic of Gratitude
  • 5:30pm Antonina Musenko Measuring Goal Gains: Rewiring the Focus on the Gap
  • 6pm Maria Elshamy Gratitude, Grit & Growth Mindset to Prevent Burnout
  • 6:30pm Lisa Lewis-Cogswell Wearing Words: What Are You Grateful For
  • 7pm Rebecca Byers Savor: Relive and Reflect on Life’s Cherished Moments
  • 7:30pm Anna Finch Virtual Gratitude Walk: Guided Steps Through Heartfelt Thanks

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(Thursday) 8:00 am - 8:00 pm EST(GMT+00:00)