Debunking the Triune Brain Theory Myth with Dr. Joseph Cesario

12jun7:00 pm8:30 pmDebunking the Triune Brain Theory Myth with Dr. Joseph CesarioJoin us for this essential and illuminating webinar with the esteemed researcher Dr. Joseph Cesario as he shines light on and deconstructs the Triune Theory of the brain, a predominant but flawed concept in the field of evolutionary neuroscience.

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One of the key concepts you learned in your CAPP Journey was how the human brain evolved and how this understanding can give us greater awareness, compassion, and care for the many tendencies we have as humans. Recent research has debunked this and we want to keep you in the know about the most accurate science.

Join us for this essential and illuminating webinar with the esteemed researcher Dr. Joseph Cesario as he shines light on and deconstructs the Triune Theory of the brain, a predominant but flawed concept in the field of evolutionary neuroscience.

For many years, the Triune Theory has dominated our understanding of the human brain’s evolution. It’s been the backbone of most introductory psychology textbooks and frequently referenced in a myriad of publications. Despite its prominence, recent research shows that this theory works as a metaphor, but fails to accurately portray the complexities and nuances of our brain’s evolutionary journey.

Dr. Joseph Cesario, with his relentless and keen scholarly acumen, has been instrumental in challenging this entrenched notion. In his notable article, “Your brain is not an onion with a tiny reptile inside”, Dr. Cesario elucidates on the erroneous representation of the brain’s evolution as a mere layered structure, with a ‘reptilian’ core surrounded by progressively ‘newer’ mammalian and human layers. He argues that this simplification neglects the intricate co-evolutionary processes that have led to the brain’s present form.

In attending this webinar, you will gain a more accurate understanding of the brain’s evolutionary trajectory, moving beyond misleading metaphors to a representation that better mirrors reality. You’ll be equipped with the tools to more effectively explain the human brain’s workings and evolution to those you train and coach. Moreover, you’ll gain insights into how these evolutionary processes influence human motivation and behavior, enhancing your  effectiveness as a positive psychology practitioner.

About Dr. Joseph Cesario

Dr. Joseph Cesario is a renowned researcher and thought-leader in the field of evolutionary neuroscience. He is a professor at Michigan Statue University. His work focuses on dissecting and challenging the prevailing theories of brain evolution and offering more accurate, scientifically grounded models. Dr. Cesario has an extraordinary ability to translate complex scientific concepts into digestible and applicable knowledge, making him a much sought-after figure in neuroscience education. His innovative research has been instrumental in debunking myths and reshaping the way we understand the human brain. Click here to learn  more about his extensive contributions to the field.

Seize this opportunity to learn from an eminent scholar in the field, and join us in challenging the status quo of evolutionary neuroscience. Your understanding of the brain and its evolution is about to get a substantial upgrade.

Read his groundbreaking article:

Your Brain Is Not an Onion With a Tiny Reptile Inside


Access to this webinar is available only for CAPP students and alumni.
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