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Amel Abouelhassan
Life Coach


Accepting in-person clients

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What I do:

I am a Power Coach. What's that? A Power Coach is the coach that can sit with you in a couple of Power sessions & help you answer the big questions: - Why do I keep doing this? - Why do they do that? - Why can’t they understand? - Why do I feel stuck? - What to do now?

Who I do it for:

Anyone looking for help to liberate themselves from something that has been haunting them for quite sometime. All you need is your desire & openness to explore then act accordingly.

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My Story

1) I am an electrical engineer. 2) I developed a career in IT working with IBM for 17 years. 3) I earned numerous awards from IBM, one of which is: 'Best of IBM'. 4) Ironically, I was let go from IBM with one of the regular semi-annual cuts that have been taking place since 2007. 5) I am a mother of two kids: a teenage boy, and a preteen girl --> love them dearly, drive me crazy. 6) I have a natural gift of storytelling. 7) I wrote & published a novel called ""The Tomb Opens"" ---> my dream is for this novel to become a movie - an Oscar winning movie. 8) I started my business end of 2012 --- It evolved from Business Transformation to Business Consultancy to Business Coaching to Personal Leadership and now it is just Coaching with a focus on success and inner-strength. 9) I love singing. 10) I used to have an active sense of humor 🙂