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Fantastic Worlds of Strength


Discover your strengths for more energy and confidence!
For children aged 6 to 12

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Positran’s mission is to translate the findings of psychological research into tools to promote individual development and well-being. Yet, the ambition of your children’s is above all to have fun. This is why we have designed this psychological tool as a card game, to be as engaging and playful as possible, while awakening the player’s energy and confidence at the same time.

Character strengths are the optimal parts of our personality that capture who we really are at our best. The hallmark of apsychological strength is that it makes us feel competent, authentic and energised . The research into these 24 strengths is the scientific basis that has informed the development of this game. The strengths are represented here by 24 creatures (brilliantly designed by Charlie Bourdaud) each with a unique power.

Behind the concept of the character strengths are 6 underlying fundamental values that have been identified by Dr Seligman and Pr Peterson as part of their VIA classification, and the strengths are the ways in which the values are expressed into action.
These values are represented here by the 6 fantastical worlds to which the creatures belong:

• Wisdom and Knowledge (Water World)
• Courage (Dauntless Desert)
• Humanity and Relationships (Friendly Forest)
• Temperance (Mini World)
• Justice (Flight of Fairness)
• Transcendence (Galvanising Garden)

By encouraging the exploration of these fantastical worlds and the powers of their dwellers we encourage the identification and development of the child’s own strengths and values, and will also enable them to better recognise these strengths in others.

For children aged 6 to 12 accompanied by parents or teachers

There are 24 different cards that represent 24 creatures, each with an amazing power. Each power symbolises a universal strength that has been identified by researchers in positive psychology. Science tells us that the more we understand and use these strengths, the more successful, authentic, and enthusiastic we feel!

THE GOAL OF THE GAME? To fill up on energy points to win the game and help you lead a better life!

This card deck can be used to play 3 different games, designed with help of psychologists Justine Chabanne and Raphael Rebai, whichcan be played separately or as one longer continuous game.

  • 1ST GAME: will you be able to identify the power of each creature? Your ownlife is an adventure, so find your own powers and complete challenges to activate them.
  • 2ND GAME: you will become a detective to discover the powers of the players around you.
  • 3RD GAME: explore the worlds of the card creatures. Here you will have to show precision, creativity, but also become a storyteller in order to master these powers. The powers are yours! Fill up on energy!