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Bounce Back Better® Resilience Self-Study Courses

The Bounce Back Better® (B³) System is the world’s first comprehensive resilience training program that focuses on the essential mental, emotional, physical and spiritual/social skills that enable people to be more effective and adaptable in the world.

History proves that human beings are incredibly resilient. The same way that our bones grow back stronger after a fracture, nature has designed us to bounce back through life’s hardships. However, the types of stressors we face today are different than the ones that our ancestors faced for thousands of years. Today, we face hardships of the ego. We stress e-mails, to-do lists and vulnerable conversations with loved ones. We worry about our place in the world and fulfilling our goals and dreams. We stress, judge and criticize; we worry, regret and ruminate.

Most of us are never taught what to do with these tendencies.  The B³ courses are designed to help you enhance that natural resilience that you have, with research-based tools to bounce back better.

Take just 6 minutes to watch this video so that you can meet Emiliya Zhivotovskaya, your Bounce Back Better® System trainer and hear her very personal, powerful story. Discover how you too can gain a sense of personal mastery over your life and feel better equipped to handle whatever life throws your way.

The  courses can be taken standalone or consecutively. They progressively build on top of one another through four levels of competence which we call Scholar, Ninja, Maven, Jedi Master.

The courses range from $30-$120, or you can purchase the entire series for $1080 — 10% off!

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Overview of Each Course

00 FREE COURSE: Introduction to the Science of Resilience

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This free session will introduce you to the Bounce Back Better Program content and give you a feel for what it would be like to participate in other courses.

You will be introduced to resilience skills. You will see that resilience is something you can enhance in your life. Resilience is an essential mindset and skill-set for success and wellbeing.

  • You will learn to define resilience and understand that human beings are naturally resilient, particularly when faced with physical challenges and major life trauma. However, today’s day-to-day world requires a different type of resilience for the smaller triggers and challenges. Mental toughness is something that everyone needs and is rarely trained in.
  • You will see that obstacles and adversity are actually requirements for strength and wellbeing, the key is in how we handle those obstacles. Studies prove that resilience can be taught and that it correlates with positive outcomes including engagement, productivity, mental health and wellbeing.

01 Growth Mindset: From Judgments to Curiosity (Scholar/Mental)

The purpose of this course is to help you build mental skills for resilience starting with the fundamental skill of cultivating a mindset for success, also known as a growth mindset.

This course will introduce you to two types of mindsets and help you build your capacity for bouncing back when facing adversity by getting curious and staying on the learner path. These skills will prepare you to stay solution focused and empower you to move through life challenges that come your way.

In this session, you will learn how thoughts and beliefs shape your mindset and the actions that you take.

  • You will be introduced to self-fulfilling prophecies (SFP) and how beliefs become results.
  • You will learn the differences between fixed and growth mindset and recognize that cultivating a growth mindset is essential for resilience.
  • You will learn about the Choice Map, by Dr. Marilee Adams, and will uncover that you have a choice about how to react to situations.
  • You will practice getting and staying on the learner path, as well as how to redirect your thoughts when you find yourself on the judger path.
  • Curiosity is emphasized as the antidote to judgment and criticism and you are encouraged to practice the simple skill of: “How fascinating?!”

Completion time: 1 hour

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02 Leveraging Positivity & Befriending Negativity (Scholar/Emotional)

The purpose of this course is to empower participants with a greater understanding of and control over their emotional life. These skills will prepare you to stay solution focused and empower you to move through life challenges that come your way.

In this session you will learn about the evolutionary role of emotions.

  • You will be introduced to the Flourishing Center Model of Self-Awareness, Self-Compassion and Self-Care.
  • You will be taught the ‘broaden and build’ and ‘narrow and focus’ theory of emotions.
  • In understanding that positive and negative emotions serve different functions you will explore how to build more of the emotions that you want to experience. (Future courses will focus on how to lessen and redirect negative emotions; this course is focused on recognizing negative emotions with compassion for their function.)
  • You will learn about the importance of prioritizing and building positive emotions and learn about negativity bias.
  • You will learn how to think of your emotions as a bank account that you can add to or withdraw from.
  • You will connect to the lived experiences of your emotions – the cornerstone of emotional intelligence.
  • You will learn strategies for building one of life’s most powerful positive emotions – gratitude and uncover why gratitude is a powerful contributor to wellbeing.

Completion time: 1 hour 6 mins

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03 Physical Activity: Balance Strength & Flexibility (Scholar/Physical)

The purpose of this course is to empower you with the understanding that your physical health informs your mental health and that becoming physically healthier is essential for resilience. These skills will prepare you to stay solution focused and empower you to move through life challenges that come your way.

In this session, you will learn about the importance of physical activity to mental health and fitness. The physical and mental benefits of exercise are covered, with an added emphasis on the impact physical activity makes on your brain.

  • You will learn about the autonomic nervous system and how exercising completes the stress cycle in your body.
  • You will understand why it’s sometimes difficult to make exercise a priority, as our ancestors never had to make this a priority before.
  • You will embrace physical activity as a lifestyle and explore simple opportunities to add movement into your days by making movement more joyful.
  • Numerous techniques are suggested for integrating physical activity into your life to make it easier to set up your game plan.

Completion time: 59 mins

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04 Meaning and Purpose: You Matter (Scholar/Spiritual)

The purpose of this session is to utilize meaning and purpose to help people connect more deeply to themselves and that which is outside of themselves (i.e. their community, the world, or a higher power) so as to cultivate a greater sense of resilience. When you are connected to your personal “why” for doing something, they are better able to persevere despite setbacks. This session helps participants explore their unique impact in the world and connect them with the felt sense that they matter.

Learn by exploring the possibility that there is a relationship between spiritual skills and social skills, in that both are about the relationship between one’s self and something bigger than one’s self. Basic evolutionary neuroscience is used to convey that humans are wired with a “meaning-making brain”. This relates to resilience in that during difficult circumstances, the brain wants to make sense of the experience or create meaning from it.

  • Explore the concept of “why” or purpose and its importance to well-being.

Completion time: 1 hour 45 mins

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05 The ABCDEFG of Personal Mastery™ (Ninja/Mental)

The purpose of this course is to give you an overview of cognitive skills that will empower you to reframe pessimistic thoughts/beliefs which will help you increase your experience of positive emotions. These skills will prepare you to stay solution focused and empowered despite obstacles that come your way.

In this session, you will learn about the ABC model of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). You will learn that beliefs, interpretations, expectations and attributions affect how you feel and what you do.

  • You are introduced to the difference between optimistic and pessimistic explanatory style.
  • You are taught to dispute your judgments by looking for evidence for and against a thought or belief.
  • You’ll learn how to create “better feeling thoughts” that are also solution focused thoughts that can help you take action
  • You are taught to identify a fixed mindset behavior and a growth mindset behaviors so that you can stay on the path of learning and moving through obstacles..

Completion time: 1 hour 5 mins

These skills are fundamentals for resilience and are a bit more sophisticated than the scholar level. So roll up your sleeves and get ready to dive in. You’re mastering your mind, one skill at a time.

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06 Emotional Intelligence: Thoughts ⬄ Feelings (Ninja/Emotional)

The purpose of this course is to empower you with greater mastery over your emotions by identifying the relationship between thoughts and feelings. You will learn a greater understanding of how and why human beings are triggered into negative emotions. Uncover how to work with those triggers in yourself and others. These skills will prepare you to stay solution focused and empower you to move through life challenges that come your way.

In this session, you will learn deepen your emotional intelligence and learn to navigate other people’s emotions.

  • You will learn to navigate the relationship between beliefs and consequences (B-C Connection)
  • Learn to use your felt emotions to figure out what thoughts or beliefs you might be having.
  • You will learn the SCARF Model and the 5 basic triggers put people into threat mode.
  • Learn to redirect threats into opportunities and use both models to help navigate difficult situations with other people.
  • Learn a strategy for redirecting stressful social dynamics using the Drama Triangle. Learn to reframe challenging social dynamics.

Completion time: 53 mins

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07 Breathing for Regulating Thoughts & Feelings (Ninja/Physical)

The purpose of this course is to empower you to use your breath as a resource. Your breath is the only autonomic nervous system function you have conscious control over and thus it as a tool that is always available to you that most people don’t know how to use.

In this session, you will learn to use your breath to increase your wellbeing and resilience.

  • Learn to use your breath to calm yourself down, and use your breath preventatively to increase your vitality.
  • Use breathing to “slow the monkey mind.”
  • Master three basic breathing principles to make simple yet significant changes to your breathing process.
  • Discover your diaphragm and how belly breathing can drastically improve wellbeing.
  • You learn about your vagus nerve and how to activate your relaxation response.
  • Learn about heart rate variability and how to improve it for a more resilient heart and body.
  • Train your respiratory muscles the way you would other areas of your body.

Completion time: 1 hour 6 mins

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08 The Science of the Hive: You Belong (Scholar/Spiritual)

The purpose of this session is to feed one of the most important drivers to wellbeing and resilience: connection. You will learn about the evolutionary role of connection and how human beings are hive creatures wired with a need to belong. This is contrasted with the loneliness epidemic that plagues our society today. The importance of belonging is reinforced along with its subjective nature. Viewing belonging as something that can be cultivated, rather than something that just happens requires leaning into vulnerability. Thus, vulnerability is explored as a strength to be cultivated that can deepen the connection. Empathy, attunement, and listening are emphasized as fundamental skills that require practice. Pathways and strategies for building communication skills are covered, and simple practices such as active constructive responding are highlighted. All of these skills and pathways circle around teaching you that high-quality connections are buildable. Through a heightened sense of connection to those around them, you will feel stronger and better able to handle whatever comes your way.

This session is described as a “ninja” level spiritual/social skill as it builds on the previous skill which focused on introducing participants to the relationship between spirituality and social connection. Session 1.4s focused on helping people understand that human beings are matter that yearn to matter. This session layers onto those principles with helping people feel that they belong.

  • Enhance your connection to those around you.
  • Enhance the communication between yourselves and others.

Completion time: 1 hour 58 mins

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09 Working with Worry & Doubting Your Doubts™ (Maven/Mental)

This course will help you understand how to work through one of nature’s most basic emotions: fear.

You will learn about the evolutionary role of worry and how to appreciate the emotion for its natural, yet often misguided, efforts.

Worry is meant to alert the mind-body to the possibility of a threat so that it can be mobilized to problem solve. However, worry and fear are separate from the process of problem-solving, and oftentimes, hinder effective problem solving and demobilize people.

  • You will learn to befriend your worries, but not give in to them.
  • You will learn how to shift your felt experience of worry and how to build up your tolerance for uncertainty.
  • You will grow from being a worrier, someone who is weighed down by fear, into a warrior, someone that feels the fear and acts in the face of it.

These skills will prepare you to stay solution focused and empower you to move through life challenges that come your way.

In this session, you will alsolearn about tackling thoughts about the future. These thoughts are often linked to the emotions of doubt, worry, or fear. This session builds on the previous sessions by looking specifically at worry, how and why the emotion works, and how we can practice self-compassion and self-care in the face of worry.

  • You will reflect on the role worry plays in your life and what types of things you tend to worry about.
  • You will explore basic facts about worry and what your inner worrier looks and feels like.
  • You will explore the physical impact of extended worry. Worry is meant to propel you to take actions to protect yourself from harm, however, worry often gets in the way of problem solving.
  • You will learn about Susan Jeffers’ models from, Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway. This is your Warrior Training and you are encouraged to use meaning as a mechanism to courageously push past your doubts.
  • You will be exposed to the worst-case, best-case, and most-likely scenarios skill.
  • You will revisit the importance of breath control to create conditions where you can work with your worries and you will be introduced to a simplified model of what to do when you worry.

Completion time: 1 hour 10 mins

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10 Energy Management: Becoming Your Own CEO (Chief Energy Officer) (Maven/Emotional)

This course will empower you with the skills to identify and manage your energy.

Your body is a battery and you will learn to monitor how your energy vacillates throughout the day.

Willpower provides some of the basic “fuel” for your mental and physical energy, and you will learn that willpower is a muscle that you can build.

You will learn that energy is a finite resource that you can regulate.

You will learn about depletion and repletion along with strategies to limit your depletion, and increase your repletion.

You will explore the idea of flow and how you can craft more experiences where you feel “in the zone,” which generates energy.

Finally, you will identify how they use your downtime.

You will leave with an understanding that your energy is a malleable resource that you can use to increase your resilience. These skills will prepare you to stay solution focused and empower you to move through life challenges that come your way.

  • You will tune into your energy, and ask yourself the question: “How do I feel?”
  • You will learn that your body is a battery that harnesses mental and physical energy.
  • You will learn that one of the fuels of this battery is glucose.
  • You will learn about willpower and self-regulation.
  • You will explore the sources of energy depletion and repletion. All of this is linked to food cravings and what happens when you’re depleted.
  • You will learn about the importance of sleep as well as how napping can boost mental energy.
  • You will learn about flow and crafting flow experiences. You will be introduced to the flow chart and the elements of flow to explore how you could make tasks more energizing.
  • You will explore wise use of downtime and you will deepen your personal mastery and self-regulation by learning to unplug from your work during your downtime

Completion time: 1 hour 33 mins

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11 Nutrition: Feeding Resilience (Maven/Physical)

This course will give you a stronger understanding of how your body works and how to support your energy and immunity.

You will explore what it means to feed yourself for optimal nutrition and create an action plan to build greater physical health as a strategy for energy maintenance. These skills will prepare you to stay solution focused and empower you to move through life challenges that come your way.

  • You will learn how to nourish yourself to have high levels of energy and wellbeing.
  • You will learn about the importance of physical activity for weight management and the importance of the relaxation response to healthy digestion.
  • You will learn the simple principle of Garbage-In-Garbage-Out. You need to put healthy food into your body to get health and vitality as the output.
  • You will learn how your body works through guided exercises.
  • You will learn how to treat yourself with greater self-awareness, compassion, and care.
  • You will focus on tiny tweaks when making changes to avoid being overwhelmed
  • You will learn about the Power of 1% Gains and be encouraged to commit to a behavior that will improve your health by just 1%.
  • You will create implementation intentions for what might get in the way of completing your 1% gain habit.

Completion time: 1 hour 18 mins

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12 Pronoia: A Benevolent Universe (Maven/Spiritual)

The purpose of this session is to increase your sense of trust in yourself, others, and life. It gets participants thinking about their belief systems about the world they live in. Beliefs about the world impact what we do and how we interact with our lives. When we face adversity, it’s natural to want to shield, protect and hunker down, be on the lookout for more threat over time. Some take on the belief that life is cruel, unfair or even out to get them. We all have free will and can choose to see the world through any lens. This session encourages the question, “Which lens helps you show up in the world the way that you want to?” When it comes to bouncing back better from life adversities- stronger, happier, and better than before, believing that life is safe is essential. Beliefs that life is good to encourage actions that are good. Kindness is a form of social glue. This session explores the notion that the Universe is benevolent; that life is conspiring for you. And, enables people to explore what impact this belief system can make on what they do, how they feel and what they have.

Completion time: 1 hour 57 mins

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13 Mind Over Chatter™: Practical Reframes for Mastering Your Thoughts (Jedi/Mental)

This course will give you practical skills for mastering your mind.

You will learn simplified approaches for redirecting your thoughts in real-time. Instead of getting stuck in thoughts of judgement, worry, or regret, you will learn to choose thoughts that feel better, are solution oriented and help you show up in the world the way you want to.

You will learn that mindfulness and meditation increase self-regulation and elongate the gap between stimulus and response. This creates a pathway for mastering thoughts so that when adversity strikes, you have the skills necessary to keep your thoughts from weighing you down and you can keep moving. The ability to keep moving is what enables us to bounce back. These skills will prepare you to stay solution focused and empower you to move through life challenges that come your way.

  • You will learn to identify the type of thoughts you are having and how to “talk back” to the thoughts in real time.
  • You will learn to use simple statements as “talk backs” to your mind chatter.
  • You will learn how thoughts and mind chatter relate to resilience and connect with your personal mind chatter through short exercises of noticing your thoughts.
  • You will learn about the benefits of mindfulness. A “pointing and naming” activity gives you a playful opportunity to practice.
  • You will practice meditation through different meditation experiences such as awareness of senses and breath focus meditation.
  • You will be introduced to the Mind Over ChatterTM approach created by Emiliya Zhivotovskaya. You will be given practical reframes for the types of thoughts that might otherwise limit your resilience.
  • You will be encouraged to take the language of your thoughts seriously and identify that some thoughts are life enhancing, productive, and useful, while other thoughts are life diminishing, debilitating, and harmful.
  • You will practice choosing a “better feeling thought” after identifying thoughts that might otherwise trip you up.
  • You will use the “talk back sentences” to identify strategies for combating your intrusive thoughts. This practice will prepare you to use these skills to talk back to you mind chatter in real-time.

Completion time: 1 hour 31 mins

The motto of this session is: “Don’t believe everything you think,” and “Choose better feeling thoughts.”

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14 Emotion Alchemy: A Practical Tool for Mastering Feelings (Jedi/Emotional)

This course will empower you to navigate emotions and feel what you want to feel when you want to feel it.

You will learn to work with your emotions in real-time by identifying what you are feeling, where you are on the ladder, and then moving towards a better feeling thought. All of this supports you in growing your emotional intelligence, which focuses on noticing, naming, and navigating emotions.

You will be exposed to Loving Kindness Meditation as an activity for increasing your positive emotion muscle and ability to induce positive emotions at will, while offering a host of wellbeing benefits. You will leave with a real-time skill of shifting your emotional state. These skills will prepare you to stay solution focused and empower you to move through life challenges that come your way.

In this session, you will learn about emotions as energy in motion and how to recognize that the energy of emotions produces a frequency. You will learn to tune in to that frequency.

  • You will learn about the Emotional Guidance Scale and how to gently guide yourself from negative emotions to positive ones.
  • You will go through each set of emotions in the Guidance Scale to familiarize yourself with the emotion and notice the progression from thoughts that make you feel stuck versus thoughts that enable action.
  • You will learn how to practice one of the strongest emotions: love.

Completion time: 1 hour 16 mins

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15 Mind-Body Fitness: Movements for Mastering Your Life (Jedi/Physical)

This course will teach you how to care for your body to maintain resilience.

This session incorporates specific exercises for maintaining physical resilience and mental and emotional agility. You will learn basic kinesiology, body mechanics, and somato-psychic principles. Physical resilience is both the ability to maintain a body that is strong and the ability to use that body to create mental and emotional shifts on command. You will leave with 21 exercises that you can use as quick interventions for countering the physical and emotional stresses of daily life.

Knowing how to care for your body results in a heightened sense of self-trust and personal mastery. These skills will prepare you to stay solution focused and empower you to move through life challenges that come your way.

In this session, your will learn about maintaining your mind-body resilience with short simple exercises.

  • You will learn about resilience and the two types of physical resilience. Both are important factors for “jedi level mastery” of the body.
  • You will learn about your fascia and the connective tissue matrix of your body. Basic body mechanics help you understand the importance of the exercise. Modern day life’s sedentary and repetitive movements and habits are sources of pain and disease if they are not countered with movements that balance the body.
  • You will practice twelve physical resilience movements that focus on maintaining the resilience of the body, starting from the feet and working up to the neck. The exercises focus on strengthening and lengthening areas of the body to create greater balance, stability and health.
  • You will review the somato-psychic principle of how the body affects the mind and learn some basic mechanics that influence the exercises taught in this course.
  • You will learn the three mental and emotional states and practice nine movements for mental and emotional agility.

Completion time: 1 hour 43 mins

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16 Intuition and Miracles: Mastering Alignment (Jedi/Spiritual)

The purpose of this session is to learn how to masterfully navigate the many decisions of day to day life. The never-ending stream of choices we make has the capacity to debilitate us, cause stress, and inhibit resilience. You will learn the science behind how to navigate decisions mindfully, with ease and tact. Tools are explored for greater wellbeing by mastering one’s relationship to the past, present, and future.

Hope and optimism are identified and built as key drivers for future achievement. You are encouraged to understand, and trust in, the power of your intuitive and unconscious mind. You will leave with action plans for how to achieve your dreams and manifest miracles for the future. These skills are designed to teach you how to navigate decisions and stressful events in real-time by masterfully navigating your relationship to the world around you.

You make thousands of decisions every day. This never-ending stream of demands has the capacity to debilitate you, cause stress, and inhibit resilience. You will learn the real-time resilience skill of navigating day-to-day stress by sharpening our decision-making skills and intuition. In addition to managing what comes at you, you’ll also learn how to manifest your goals and desires. Learn simple strategies for greater personal mastery that will enable you to be at peace with your past, optimistic about your future, and feeling present and strong at the moment.

Completion time: 1 hour

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