Delvina Miremadi-Baldino, Ph.D.

Founder and Chief Resilience Office, Realize Your Resilience LLC Lots of valuable content, interesting guest speakers, very flexible. Thank you for providing an amazing program that will serve as the foundation for the next step in my career! Scituate, MA

Dana Diamondstein

Teacher This was the best class I have EVER taken. I am forever changed by this experience. Bala Cynwyd, PA

Shernita Rochelle Parker, JD

Human Resource, Organizational Development & Coaching To say that I have enjoyed the CAPP experience would be one of the greatest understatements I could ever make.  I have found the material, information, and relationships of CAPP transformative and more fulfilling than I could have imagined.  I am delighted to have had the opportunity to be in a learning environment with all of my CAPP. 17 cohort family and appreciated Katie’s wonderful facilitation, instruction, and insight.  I consider this experience one of my all-time top 3 learning experiences not only because of the fascinating and enriching information, but the warmth, generosity and whole-heartedness of every member of my cohort, you, and the other members of the CAPP family I have had the opportunity to interact with in person or virtually. Manassas, VA

Amel Abouelhassan A proud CAPP student.

Coach Content was rich and perfect. Teaching was interesting, informative, inspiring, and thought-provoking. Workshops & games added a higher edge of engagement and made the teaching into a living experience. Technology was a good compliment. I loved the program. God bless you all. Mississauga, ON

Lorena Cohan

Regional Program Manager I just wanted to send you a quick note to say THANK YOU for creating the CAPP program!!!!!  I'm one of the folks that graduated yesterday from DC CAPP 17 (and I'm also now in your Coaching Skills class that just started yesterday!) The CAPP program has truly made an impact on me and my life - I'm so incredibly grateful for having had the chance to take this course and to have been exposed to all of this wonderful material and amazing tools, and in particular to have been connected to this amazing community of people!  I literally can't stop telling my friends about it (and am currently doing a major sales job so that my boyfriend and one of my best friends here in DC take the course that's starting here in October!) Washington, DC

Elizabeth (Betty) Healey

Consultant/Coach in Conscious Communication Excellent format with on sites and weekly calls well organized access to printed materials and slides Great instructor. Loved the journey and very grateful for the experience. Can't wait to review, reflect and integrate. North Lancaster, ON

Celeste DiMilla

Psychotherapist The CAPP program went beyond my expectations for both personal and professional development. I feel grateful to have learned about so many evidence based methods for boosting wellbeing. I’ve put many of these, like savoring, active constructive responding and gratitude, into practice and have noticed the benefits.    As far as professional development, let me say WOW! Not only did I get a wealth of material that I’m using to further my psychotherapy career, but the program also boosted my professional confidence. Learning about growth mindset, grit, visualization and goal setting has made me feel ready to take on whatever challenge comes my way.    What’s more, there’s so much heart in this program! You can tell that everyone involved with CAPP really believes in what they are doing. Going through this class is like joining a family of like-minded people. It’s pretty freaking awesome! Laguna Niguel, CA

David Frenkel

Student Thank you! This makes a tremendous difference, I feel like I have a tool belt.   Sunnyside, NY

Cheryl Rice

Speaker, Coach, Author Louis was the #1 strength. He is a fantastic teacher - integrated, fun, generous, creates a safe space for learning. All of the content was robust and relevant. Videos are excellent. So grateful. Thank you.   Erdenheim, PA

Katie Leiher

Owner/Trainer Heroes Journey CrossFit, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practioner I loved the "experiential" learning. The loving, safe community. The vast knowledge of the instructor (Emiliya). The tangible "life tools." Parsippany, NJ

Guylaine Parent

Psychologist, semi-retired There were lots of strengths. First, the quality of the information: Scientifically based, large perspective. Wow. Second, the trainer. The medium is the message. Emiliya is an extraordinary trainer. She lives what she teaches and most of all she is human and authentic. The quality of her language, her experience of playing and yoga and fitness and positive psychology were a constant blessing. Weekends were great; The documents and videos and lessons on Pathwright are extraordinary. The location at Evergreen brick works was such a good idea. I love nature and I felt I was in a holiday. I must say that the videos were always appropriate. And all those people who took that training. I felt I found people like me for the first time in my life. People emotionally and intellectually strong. I miss them very much as I miss Emiliya. Oh, and I just loved the interviews with experts in positive psychology. Such passion, and such humanity and such knowledge. So exciting. It helps me get a feeling of being a part of that community of positive psychology practitioners. This experience changed me for the best. I feel more confident, more open minded, more resourceful and most of all, more relational. I have learned a lot and I have a program of readings for many years to come. I am so proud of this certificate. I just want to thank you Emiliya for creating such program and for being what you are. Val-David, QC

Jenn Muszik

Director, Commercial Education Roche Diagnostics Corporation The program was a perfect blend of learning and application. I would LOVE to bring a CAPP cohort to Indianapolis! Zionsville, IA

Diana Brecher

Clinical Psychologist Great material for both On Site and DL classes. Wonderful resources and links to films and websites. Thoughtful exercises and a strong sense of community was built through our experiences together. Toronto, ON

Keith Allen

Primary Instructor, Master Resilience Training Louis Alloro and Erin Smith, made it what it was. They were each able to pull from their vast knowledge stores and guide conversations in such a way that learning happened transparently, while creating a safe environment Columbia, SC

Robin Cordova

Positive Psychology Practitioner and Teacher I was so happy there was so much material given and supported with such variety to the delivery. Between the on sites, videos and reading on pathwright, weekly calls and monthly researcher interviews, it was a rich program with much to look forward to diving into each week. I liked pathwright as tool to stay organized and as a guide to follow through the requirements. Carin was a huge strength of program, such a wonderful teacher, facilitator and model of excellence. She was always very present, giving her full self and mindful of students needs. I also enjoyed having Emilya as a teacher too through the videos - to be taught from both was magnificant. In addition getting to know Louis through some of the interviews was great too. I resonated with all of you - what a wonderful team! I also appreciate all the downloads and slides for future use. I also really appreciated the scientific basis of this to help us all establish credibility! There are no words that can fully express my sincere gratitude to Emilya, Louis, and Carin for putting your hearts and souls into such a remarkable and rich program. It has given me the foundation that I need to move forward with my dreams of teaching. I have known myself to be a light worker and change agent for a long time, but not able to fully pull something together as an avenue or pathway to reach people. This material can help so many people, touch so many lives - it's not just for a select few. It can be applied and applicable to most if not all people. In much love and gratitude - Thank you! Bainbridge Island, WA

Yasmin Abadian

Realtor I felt there was a lot of content and all of it was very interesting. The video contents were very helpful and the on-sights added to the whole experience. I appreciated the workbook and I love the ability to save the slides and to use the material. Potomac, MD

Shelley Barchanowitz-Goldberg, CAPP

Positive Psychology Practitioner, Coach, Flourishing Skills Group Facilitator, Certified Sage-ing Mentor CAPP was experientially "life changing," "life giving," and "life enhancing" and I am applying the science based research to my own life & wellbeing on a daily basis. It opened the door for Flourishing with my family and community and has given me more confidence in parsing out what matters at home and work. I also give myself permission to be human and engage in daily self care, which adds to my own Flourishing and life enjoyment. The scientific research really helped me know myself better and understand and accept experiences in my life which in turn I can be of service and share with others. Being in a tribe of likeminded students was extremely supportive. I enjoyed the teaching style of the online Distance learning teachings and attended Onsite classes with a sense of gratitude to the community of students, teachers and guest teachers. The material is brilliant and Emiliya's pulse on human behavior is just what the world needs. I feel so blessed to have found CAPP to educate me as a positive change agent with the integrity and good values which are important to me. Louis is an outstanding teacher, caring about each of us and willing to help and support us onsite and at home. The content of the material was extremely educational and a great lifelong resource and I feel optimistic about the future and the many ways that I can apply my CAPP Certification. Already seeing the benefits of living from a growth and solution oriented mindset I am gaining vocabulary and language to ask open ended questions fostering better communication. The PERMA V model will be a lifelong tool in my toolbox...and I look forward to future continued learning and opportunities to share this knowledge. Jenkintown, PA

Rick Starr

Audiovisual Producer It's fun, community building, and applicable. And there's lots of super information to pick and choose from to use in our private practice.   Centerville, UT

Talib Hussain

Best parts were the onsites, the structure of the program and the facilitator. I also really liked the DL Power Point Presentations. Although some of the group activities made me feel uncomfortable, it was very important for my own self development and my goal towards becoming more comfortable with the uncomfortable to participate as much as possible. The guest speakers were great as well. Toronto, Canada

Myriam Liano

Divine Renewal Program Positive Psychology has allowed me to both enrich my career and personal life and bring it to the next level. Emiliya’s dynamic methods and knowledge is reflected throughout each module and exercise.  Her explanation on topics, studies and theories on the science of happiness has been a game- changer in the way I deal with various everyday situations.  I urge anyone considering taking this course to do so—it will definitely enhance your life in ways you never imagined. Thank You, CAPP! Toronto, Canada

Susan Beckman Reagan

Coach I loved CAPP!! Thanks for everything!! Potomac, MD

Mary Zenzen

Marketing/Communications Louis is a great teacher. His multi-mode approach works very well. I hardly noticed the time going by! Erin was a wonderful co-instructor. They made a great team and complemented each other very well! The content was rich and much appreciated! All I can say is that I am very grateful for your hard work to bring CAPP out into the world and to all of us! I know how much work it is, and I wish you many, many successes going forward! Windsor, CO

Monica Gelinas

Life Coach This program was life changing. Austin, TX

Lisa Jacobson

Career Consultant and Executive Coach Louis not only knows the subject matter, he lives it. His authenticity gives what he presents a great deal of credibility. Also, Louis is a superb presenter. He sets the stage and leaves a lot of room to experience learning. Tampa, FL

Valerie Teglia

Physical Therapist Interactive activities to demonstrate the material, CARIN was fantastic as an instructor/facilitator, the relatively small cohort was great-- enough people to have interesting and diverse conversations, but not so big it became unwieldy. The distance learning calls were good (loved that there was the ability to pair on the calls), and for the most part, the technology platforms worked well. The written materials (manual) and slide availability was also fantastic. Valencia, CA

Sharon Flanagan

Executive Coach and Leadership Development Facilitator I enjoyed the information, content, Emiliya's passion, breadth and depth of knowledge, the distance learning design (all offsites and distance learnings recorded), pathwright platform easy to use and structured to provide support and tracking, positive psych researcher and practitioner calls - all very interesting. Barrie, Canada

London Reid

Administrative Coordinator I feel there was a great amount of content and it was very relevant to a lot of different life experiences. I love all the activities and how they tied into the program.   San Francisco, CA

Lucie Coke

Manager   I've said it before, loved the structure of meeting once a month and every Monday night I believe is crucial to keep us engaged and interested. The folder and pathway are great tools, well designed and very user friendly. Having a period where a member of our family or friend could come to the class was so helpful to show them what we are doing and getting them interested too. Louis knowledge is impressive and I loved is generosity, vulnerability and honesty. His love for this program and for each and every one of us is almost touchable. Thank you! Even though I am not already a life coach, teacher or psychologist like many of the people in the class, I felt totally welcomed and included so I was able to participate fulling without feeling inadequate. Love you all and again, thank you very much. Merci beaucoup! Plymouth Meeting, PA

Lori K. Mishos

Leadership Coach, COO Our facilitator Erin was knowledgable, wise, prepared, vulnerable with us, open, encouraging, compassionate, thoughtful, caring, and most importantly, loving. She's a great blessing in my life! Our COHORT ROCKED!!! Our group was incredibly supportive of one another and created a safe and supportive environment where learning, growth and development was abundant. The CAPP Community embodies the six pathways of flourishing. I feel grateful, honored, thankful and proud to be a part of this transformational community made up of beautiful , loving people. Pathwright is well set up and contributed to an active and engaging learning process. I appreciate how the curriculum was set up for the greatest opportunity for learning. So many individuals came together to create CAPP... my deepest appreciation, respect, gratitude, admiration and love to all of you. I'm forever grateful that I was introduced to Louis Alloro! A life transforming experience to share with the world! :)! Sarasota, FL

Katrina Lempenski

Growth Consultant The strengths of this program were the creativity. Humanness. Emiliya brought the content ALIVE & the experiential/inclusiveness element was excellent. I'm so appreciative of the authentic nature + kindness from TFC! Brooklyn, NY

Barbara Santen

Positive Coupling http://www.barbarasanten.com/ I took CAPP21 in Toronto in 2016 with my wonderful instructor and friend Louisa Jewel. CAPP changed my life. I was drawn to CAPP because I felt stuck in my career as an Ontario midwife and had always wanted to expand my narrow health sciences education and career to help more people reach their full potential but I didn’t know how. CAPP spoke to me. I was going to gain tools to build success in my own personal and professional life with the promise of learning how to thrive and flourish, rather than just survive. The seed of inspiration to help people on a grander scale was planted. I couldn’t shake it. For my final project in the course I decided I’d build a website and design a coaching program that helps couples relationships thrive during the transition of starting a family. My business Positive Coupling was born.  I am so thrilled to share that from that small seed of inspiration a year ago I have created a thriving couples coaching practice, and yesterday I quit my job to pursue this full time.  Thank you Emiliya Zhivotovskaya for your brilliant work with the Flourishing Centre and for creating this outstanding and accessible certificate in positive psychology! You have changed my life. Without this course I would have been stuck in a career that wasn’t allowing me to meet my full potential and CAPP helped open me up to a world of possibility with tangible tools to do anything I put my mind to.  A mind blowing experience,   With much gratitude and love. Toronto, Canada

Rick Schechter

Rabbi The CAPP program is truly outstanding! I've been studying positive psychology for 13 years and I learned so much from Louis and Emiliya. They've given my classmates and me profound teachings and practices to last a lifetime. I'm filled with deep gratitude and tremendous appreciation for the transformative tools they've shared. Our teachers, my cohort, and the CAPP program inspire me to share these principles of flourishing and practices of well-being with those whom I serve and teach. Thank you for this fantastic program! Glendale, CA

Susan Kuz

Coach/Consultant The CAPP program covered all areas of Positive Psychology with lots of scientific backing and explanation including tools, resources and interventions. Being able to use the content going forward is exactly what I was looking for. The program uses multiple ways of teaching subjects (experiential, video, lecture, visual, word, charts, etc.) I really liked that the sessions were videotaped and available for review when they were missed. I enjoyed the sessions with positive psychology experts such as Sonja L., Barbara F, etc. Emiliya’s knowledge and passion for the subjects really adds to the experience. The learning platform used made it easy to navigate through and see where I was in the program. I enjoyed the onsite and weekly connection with other like-minded people and even though I missed many of the onsite sessions I was able to develop relationships with my classmates. The FB group is a great way for us to get to know each other and stay connected. I really liked the live online groups. Being able to download the presentation slides to make notes on and refer to later was helpful in learning the material. I liked the healthy snacks and the great location. It was a wonderful place to learn. The continual learning opportunities and community are elements that I look forward to. I loved Emiliya’s colorful outfits and beautiful attire. It made watching the videos better. It’s part of the visual presentation and marketing I suppose. Boring colors would’ve been boring to watch and the attention to visual learning was appreciated. I liked the offer of additional resources and learning such as the CEPP, Flourishing Groups and CAPP Coaching courses. They’ve helped me to keep on top of new learnings and deepen my knowledge in positive psychology.  Thank you! Winnipeg, Canada

Constanza Flores, MA

Therapist I participated in CAPP.16 Philly and loved it!. The program was well designed for busy schedules, yet at a pace that allowed time for tons of great evidence-based tools and the latest research on wellbeing. I loved the experiential learning, the vibrant discussions and the profound conversations. The materials and the interviews with experts were a real treat too. Last but definitely not least, the incredible quality of our teachers and the lifelong connections with such diverse community of change agents made it an unforgettable experience... both personally and professionally. Muchas gracias Louis, Erin and Emiliya for this “wonder-FULL” experience! Doylestown, PA