Bounce Back Better® (B3) Resilience Trainer Certification

Starts March 26 – July 16, 2022

  • Kick-off: Saturday, March 26 from 12pm – 3pm EST
  • 3 Check-In Sessions: Saturday, April 30, May 28, and July 16 from 12-3pm EST
  • 16 weekly live sessions: Every other Tuesdays from 6-8pm EST and every other Wednesday from 2-4pm EST. (Starting Tuesday, March 29).

Bounce Back Better (B³)® is a certification program that trains graduates of the CAPP program to be trainers of resilience skills and to train others to be mentally, physically, emotionally and socially more resilient. It is a 3-month program that equips trainers to run 17 workshops (each ranging from 1-4 hours) through our proven system for resilience.

Working directly with Emiliya, the creator of the program, you will learn master resilience skills so you can empower others with them.

B³® Resilience Trainers are equipped to bring theses programs to schools, organizations and into their community as workshops and classes. These individual blocks can be delivered as stand alone workshops or in sequence.

B³® is ideal for CAPP graduates that are inventors and implementors and want to speak and train others in the science of wellbeing. They’re passionate about sharing and want a plug and play system for offering these skills that is proven and will help them be maximally effective in teaching resilience to others.


In this training you will:

  • Become a certified trainers of this program and  learn the 16 Building Blocks for Bouncing Back Better.
  • Learn how to give these skills to others through workshops and lectures.
  • Master how to deliver the 16 B3 Blocks in various formats that best suite your audience.
  • Have the ability to have over 24 hours of teachable content at your disposal.

Program Overview:

Each of the program’s modules is designed to focus on 1 aspect of the model of flourishing to provide participants with in-depth knowledge, theory and research-based tools to demonstrate and share PP with others.

Program Structure:

Students of the program will receive:

  • A 300 page manual
  • PowerPoint slides that go with the materials
  • Lecture videos
  • Material tutorials
  • Gift Ideas
  • Music and video ideas
  • Snack ideas
  • Marketing materials
  • The license to use the name B3 & Bounce Back Better
  • Pre and Post reports for participants.

The cost of the B³ Training program is $2,250 if paid in full and $2,550 through the payment plan.


This 16-week B³® Resilience Trainer Certification program is only available to Certified Positive Psychology Practitioners who have completed the CAPP program.

How to Register

The B³® Resilience Trainer Certification program is only available to Certified Positive Psychology Practitioners who have completed the CAPP program*.

  • Log in to your profile by clicking the “Login” button in the top right corner of this page.
  • Once logged in, click on the “My Courses” button which will appear next to the login button.
  • Select the B³ Program listed under you CAPP Graduate Courses.

*If you are not a CAPP student, please contact us to learn more about how to go through our programs.