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Bounce Back Better (B³)® Resilience Trainer Certification


® Registration for Spring 2024 is Now Open!

B³® Saturday Intensives run from 9:00am-6:00pm EST via Zoom:

  • Saturday, March 23 - B³® Kick-Off
  • Saturday, April 6 - Level 1
  • Saturday, May 4 - Level 2
  • Saturday, June 1 - Level 3
  • Saturday, July 13 - Level 4 & Wrap Up

The Bounce Back Better (B³)® Resilience System is the world’s first comprehensive training system that teaches resilience as an essential mindset and skillset for wellbeing success. The B³® System takes a revealing and enlightening approach to teaching the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual/social skills that empower people and enable them to be more effective and adaptable in the world.

® Trainers are prepared to deliver courses individually, bundled, or as a complete system and are adept at teaching the content through workshops ranging from 1-4 hours. The B³® System is flexible, scalable, and can be implemented quickly, giving you a powerful solution to bring to clients that saves you time and money.

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® Resilience Trainer Certification program is $2,250 if paid in full and $2,550 through our payment plan.

The the B³® Saturday Intensives are offered online through Zoom.

In this training you will:

  • Learn the 16 Building Blocks for Bouncing Back Better and become a certified B³® Resilience Trainer of this program
  • Master the delivery of the 16 B³® Building Blocks in various formats that best meet the needs of your audience, including workshops and lectures
  • Get more than 24 hours of ready-to-use instructional content

Program Overview:

Each of the program’s modules is designed to focus on one aspect of the B³® Resilience Model to provide participants with in-depth knowledge, theory, and research-based tools to demonstrate and share positive psychology with others.

Program Structure:

Students of the program will receive:

  • A 300-page manual & accompanying slides
  • Lecture videos
  • Material tutorials
  • Music & video ideas
  • Gift & snack ideas
  • Marketing materials
  • License to use the B³® & Bounce Back Better  name
  • Pre and post reporting for participants



This 16 Module B³® Resilience Trainer Certification program is only available to Certified Positive Psychology Practitioners who have completed the CAPP program.

How to Register

The B³® Resilience Trainer Certification program is only available to graduates of the CAPP program. Here’s how to register:

  • Log in to your profile by clicking the “Login” button in the top right corner of this page
  • Once logged in, click on the “My Courses” button which will appear next to the login button
  • Select the B³® Program listed under you CAPP Graduate Courses