Bounce Back Better (B³)® Resilience Trainer Certification


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Bounce Back Better (B³)® is a certification program for CAPP graduates that teaches mastery in resilience skills and prepares and empowers participants to train others in mental, physical, emotional, and social resilience. B³® Resilience Trainer Certification is an intensive 5-session program that offers an immersive learning experience to fully equip trainers to run 17 workshops (1-4 hours each) using our proven system for resilience.

B³® Resilience Trainers emerge ready to bring these programs to schools, organizations, and into their communities as standalone workshops and as individual or sequential classes.

B³® Resilience Trainer Certification is ideal for CAPP graduates who are inventors and implementors and want to speak the language and train in the science of wellbeing. B³® Resilience Trainer Certification also provides a plug-and-play system that is proven and maximally effective for teaching the skills of resilience to others.

B³® Resilience Trainer Certification is taught by program creator, Emiliya Zhivotovskaya. Tuition for this program is $2,250 if paid in full and $2,550 through our payment plan.

We intend to offer the B³® Saturday Intensives in person at The Flourishing Center located in New York City at 162 West 72nd Street, on the 5th Floor, and through Zoom. We welcome both hybrid and in-person participation and encourage you to choose the option that best suits your needs.

In this training you will:

  • Learn the 16 Building Blocks for Bouncing Back Better and become a certified B³® Resilience Trainer of this program
  • Master the delivery of the 16 B³® Building Blocks in various formats that best meet the needs of your audience, including workshops and lectures
  • Get more than 24 hours of ready-to-use instructional content

Program Overview:

Each of the program’s modules is designed to focus on one aspect of the B³® Resilience Model to provide participants with in-depth knowledge, theory, and research-based tools to demonstrate and share positive psychology with others.

Program Structure:

Students of the program will receive:

  • A 300-page manual & accompanying slides
  • Lecture videos
  • Material tutorials
  • Music & video ideas
  • Gift & snack ideas
  • Marketing materials
  • License to use the B³® & Bounce Back Better  name
  • Pre and post reporting for participants



This 16 Module B³® Resilience Trainer Certification program is only available to Certified Positive Psychology Practitioners who have completed the CAPP program.

How to Register

The B³® Resilience Trainer Certification program is only available to graduates of the CAPP program. Here’s how to register:

  • Log in to your profile by clicking the “Login” button in the top right corner of this page
  • Once logged in, click on the “My Courses” button which will appear next to the login button
  • Select the B³® Program listed under you CAPP Graduate Courses