Mastermind & Mentoring Incubator (iMMi)


This Mastermind & Mentoring Incubator (iMMi) is a 6-month program designed to give CAPP Program graduates the structure and support to grow professionally and achieve their goals.  Based on our 5i Change Agent model, participants are organized into small 6-person groups where they work directly with Emiliya, the Founder of the Flourishing Center, or a Flourishing Center Faculty.  Each group is carefully curated in order to facilitate an exceptional mastermind where the participants each support, nurture and nourish each other's goals and dreams.  The program is ideal for CAPPsters that are ready to accelerate their career in the next 6-months. They want to make sure that the goals they've set for themselves become plans that are executed.  The iMMi Program will enable participants to strategize, implement, and actualize their visions based on which of the 5"i"s they are (individualizer, inventor, implementor, integrator and infuser).

Watch Emiliya's Overview of iMMi:

Defining iMMi

What is a mastermind?

A mastermind is many minds coming together, sharing information, setting a goal for the next time we meet, and a program that has longevity.

What is a mentor?

A trusted counsel, coach and guide.

What is an incubator?

A place that aids the development of new ventures.

The 5i Change Agent Types

The initial “i” describes one of the 5 change agent types. Thus, there are 5 different masterminds to potentially be a part of.  You are placed into a group based on your change agent type, rate of growth and experience.

Individualizer Mastermind & Mentoring Incubator

Individualizers are people who work one-on-one with clients or patients on a session-by-session basis and utilize positive psychology in their practice. These people include coaches, therapists, social workers, psychologists, mentors, etc.

Inventor Mastermind & Mentoring Incubator

Inventors are people who disseminate knowledge by creating experiences for larger audiences. These people include bloggers, speakers, trainers, authors, facilitators, etc.

Implementers Mastermind & Mentoring Incubator

Implementers are people who work within or with organizations to implement positive psychology based programs. This can range from mindfulness and stress reduction workshops within the organization, to wellness programs, coaching, strengths interventions, resilience training and more. These people include consultants, managers, principals, educators in a school, human resources directors, etc.

Integrators Mastermind & Mentoring Incubator

Integrators are people who wouldn’t traditionally think of themselves as “practicing positive psychology.” These people keep their professional titles but integrate positive psychology into their existing work. This includes engineers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, tutors, performers, occupational therapists, interior decorators, kinesiologists, programmers, nurses, elementary educators, etc. They refer to their traditional work as “positive psychology based.” For example, “positive psychology based elementary school teacher”.

Infusers  Mastermind & Mentoring Incubator

infusers are people who infuse positive psychology into every aspect of their life and may not necessarily have a specific career title that they associate themselves with. These people include parents, retirees, students, volunteers and people who are in transition and possibly considering a career in positive psychology.

Program overview:

  • Each incubator includes a maximum of 6 people at any given time.
  • Participants begin by filling out an application.
  • Next they have a 15-20 min Fit Call to determine which group would be the best fit.
  • Participants then fill out the iMMi iNtake which offers them a structure for naming their key objectives.
  • Then participants schedule a 45-60 minute one-on-one coaching session to fully flesh out your goals.
  • The iMMi Program meet twice per month.
  • During that time, there are 3 people checking in, followed be 3 people on the “hot seat”.
  • Each “hot seat” segment is 30 minutes long.
  • Participants are coached on how to best utilize that time.

Program structure and cost:

The program tuition is 6 monthly payments of $600.

Or, you can pay in full for $3,000 for a $600 savings.

Application process:

Note: Participation in this program is only available to Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) Program graduates*.

  • Log in to your profile by clicking the “Login” button in the top right corner of this page.
  • Once logged in, click on the “My Courses” button which will appear next to the login button.
  • Select the iMMi Program listed under you CAPP Graduate Courses.

*If you are not a CAPP student, then please contact us to learn more about how to go through our programs.