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Feeling Magnets


An innovative set of word magnets that can be used in practical ways to develop your emotional intelligence.

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Designer Manuela Bolton’s words on Feeling Magnets:

Everyone deserves to understand emotions. We all have emotions all the time. Imagine a world where everyone manages their emotions well. A world where people consciously respond to their feelings rather than reacting blindly. The first step is to know what you feel and be able to express this in a healthy way.

Everybody. Really, it works for young children from the age of two to my grandmother. They are used by families on their kitchen refrigerator, on the whiteboard in classrooms, in councilman’s offices, next to the couch in a coach’s office, on managers’ desks, in leadership workshops and emotional intelligence training. Shall I continue?

What all these people have in common is that they realise that feelings are important. They want to better understand their own feelings. They want to better understand others. They want better relationships, a better quality of life and a smoother life.

It’s very simple. Look at the magnets and choose how you feel right now (at this moment). You may then wish to choose what you want to feel, or what you think you might feel or what someone else might feel…

Simply finding the words to describe how you feel diminishes the power of your unpleasant emotions and anchors the pleasant ones. The unknown is more uncomfortable than the known. Once you know how you feel, you can use that information and take action.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding the words. Sometimes you want to go further. But the first step is to know how you feel.