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Positive Transformation Cards


Based on the Psychological Capital theory from the field of positive psychology and using a combination of poignant imagery, profound quotes and powerful questions, these Positive Transformation Cards will help you, or your client, to face life changes.

Imagine you are at a crossroad in your life. You are unsure about one of the choices you’ve made. You are preparing to take a step in a different direction, at the risk of losing the sensitive equilibrium of established habits. Perhaps you have already begun your transformation and don’t yet know if you will ever reach that light at the end of the tunnel. What resources must you find within yourself? How can you decide which to use ? These Positive Transformation Cards will accompany you on a journey of positive transformation. They will summon and activate the Mindful HERO within – the one full of hope, confidence, resilience and optimism, the one who will act NOW!

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Research has discovered four specific psychological characteristics (optimism, hope, resilience and confidence) that increase our ability to handle problems efficiently, that cause us to use past successes as the foundation of our thinking, and that enable us to project ourselves effectively into the future. The HERO model encompasses these four characteristics and has been defined as Psychological Capital, an individual’s positive psychological state of functioning that is characterised by: (1) persevering toward goals and, when necessary, adjusting paths towards those goals in order to succeed (Hope); (2) having the confidence to take on challenging tasks and putting in the necessary effort to succeed (Efficacy); (3) when faced with problems and adversity, overcoming them and bouncing back, and even beyond, to achieve success (Resilience); (4) making positive attributions about succeeding now and in the future (Optimism). Together, the psychological resources of Psychological Capital have a greater positive impact on life and work performance than its individual components. In other words, an individual who possesses high levels of all four of these characteristics also consistently performs at a higher level.

Recently, a fifth element has been proposed as part of the model and the starting point to the HERO journey, that of Mindfulness, the ability to intentionally pay full attention to the present moment. A Mindful HERO is thus someone who is able to be fully present in his, or her, current reality in order to step forward with no fear of failure.

How can you find your Mindful HERO within? These Positive Transformation Cards are a coaching tool designed to support you on this journey. They focus on the 5 main skills required for positive internal change. The Mindful HERO journey is about learning how to believe in yourself and to smile whatever the circumstances. This is achieved via a varied selection of beautiful and thought-provoking images and quotes.

The Positive Transformation Cards are divided into 5 categories, in line with the Mindful HERO acronym.

In addition to 60 image cards divided into five categories and the citations on the back of each, the game contains 5 coaching question cards with 12 questions each. These will help you explore the process of positive transformation and activate your Mindful HERO capacities.

These cards are intended for personal and professional use and may be used alone, in pairs, or in a group setting. They are of particular interest and benefit to care, help, and support professionals (therapists, coaches, mediators, nurses, etc.), to people seeking efficient communication (teachers, managers, HR, etc.) and to anyone who would like to explore their creativity and ‘not-quite-so-conscious’ thoughts (both professional artists, but also individuals).

For use in structured coaching, therapy or in a personal exploration process

Select a challenging situation or a transformation goal that you would like to work on and follow the process below. You could also use the question cards for a more detailed process. As you go through questioning or self-questioning, follow the Mindful HERO model to create a spread of five cards. Choose these cards deliberately, allowing yourself to be drawn in by an image. Lay them out in a circle with the Mindful card in the centre.

Mindful – This is the card that represents your actual position or situation. What do you see in this photo? What is it telling you? What is this card showing you? What is the change that needs to happen?

Hope – What do you hope for? What is your goal? Where would you like to go? How can you get there? What will motivate you to start?

Efficacy – How do you feel about this journey? Look at the colours, shapes and details emerging from the card, what do these tell you about yourself? How confident do you feel about the challenge awaiting you?

Resilience – What are the difficulties you are likely to encounter along the way? How can you best prepare for these obstacles? What resources do you have that would help you overcome them?

Optimism – What do you need to do, or believe, to ensure that the result is positive? Are you now ready to step into the unknown? What will be your first step?

Having completed the process, turn the cards over and read the quotes. How can your insights and resolutions be enhanced by the thoughts of these wise people?

Combining the image and question cards

Focus on a question, topic or challenge that is important for you. Choose (or ask your client to choose) a card, either deliberately or randomly. Largely, these cards are used to facilitate self-expression around difficult topics. Observe the image carefully, pay attention to the small details, allow free association, allow your imagination to complete the story. Now, choose a question from one of the question cards, again, either deliberately or at random. Read the words. Sift through the ideas that emerge from the question, the image and the quotation. Then listen to and express the responses that inspire action.

As inspiration during creativity workshops

Spread the cards on the floor and invite people to choose those that inspire them in relation to the workshop topic (for example the technical improvement of a product, or seeking new concepts, the development of a new service, etc.) These cards can generate interesting associations or give rise to unexpected ideas for new and useful solutions. They are an excellent tool to prompt changes in perception and enhance teamwork.

Welcome to the journey!